Think about your experience(s) with the Criminal Justice System.  Please consider taking the next few minutes to tell us about your experience with the system (whether negative, positive or indifferent).  The information you provide will be held in strict confidence by being summarized and presented in aggregate, without any identifying information to protect the privacy of those contributing so they will remain anonymous.  This information will not be used for marketing, shared, or sold. 

The findings are qualitative in nature and are not intended to be quantitative or used to project to the general population.  It will, however, be used to express concerns of real people with real voices in a way to effectuate meaningful change in the current criminal justice system.

Data will be collected and periodically reflected on this site in general terms, e.g. many people have found that a delay in collecting evidence has led to a financial burden on the victim and would like to see deadlines in place to ensure this process is completed in a timely manner.  The same data shall also be shared with legislators as examples of how they may create meaningful change to lessen the burden on the victim in the criminal justice system. Specific names and cases will not be identified.

Please share your experiences so we may broaden the scope of possible remedies.  The more examples we have of what works, and what doesn’t work, the better equipped we are to make changes that have value to the victim.  Not just what other people think will help, but what we know will help because you told us it would.  

If you would like us to follow up with you please provide your name and preferred method of contact.  Thank you for your time and effort.