Maximize Your Input In The System

Currently victims of crime have very little voice in the criminal justice system

One area where you do have a voice is in the sentencing phase of a trial and the victim impact statement that you are able to write and submit to the court. If you are not advised of this right, address this issue with the prosecutor and inform him that you want to submit a victim impact statement.

Do not underestimate the effect this may have on your case. It is your time to be heard. We need for you to maximize the impact of this opportunity by writing a statement that is compelling. We want to: draw the reader in and let them experience what you have experienced; feel a sense of duty to protect you from your attacker; and feel compelled to give you hope of a safer future.

Below are specific examples of Victim Impact Statements from victims and their friends and family members. We will provide examples of how to tell your story in a powerful manner that encourages judges to enter a sentence with your future in mind. These statements are often read by probation and parole boards when considering early release and may have an effect on your case at that time as well as during sentencing.

More examples of Victim Impact Statements will continue to be added to this page. Statements from other states and case types will be provided with the intention of providing assistance and direction for creating a powerful Victim Impact Statement.