Unless you have experienced the life shattering effects of trauma there is no amount of studying, reading or researching it will give you any idea of what it is like to live it. When your life collides with a traumatic even it leaves you confused and desperate to get your life back. What may take a long time to learn is that you never get it back – not the way it was before. You have the opportunity to experience post-traumatic stress or post traumatic growth.   I want to offer you every opportunity to eventually get to a place that we can call post traumatic growth. It will come, eventually. For me, I was determined not to lose anything else to the man who attacked me and desperately started researching how to best work through trauma. I will share with you what happened to me, symptoms I experienced, what helped and what didn’t. The one thing I will tell you is DO NOT discount the magnitude of what is going on with you internally with the biomechanics of your brain, the nervous system, do not feel ashamed, embarrassed, or weak because of any of your responses.

I have asked some people I respect to share articles with you on many different topics. Please feel free to contact us with request for articles on specific topics. We all respond to trauma differently and we may all benefit from different tools for healing. God bless you as you travel down a path to a renewed life that is not defined but refined by you Owning Your Moment. You do not have to walk this path alone.

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– Sharon 

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